I’m on Bloglovin’!

If you don’t have a WordPress account and don’t like emails (I’m certainly sometimes annoyed by all those update mails fluttering in my inbox), you can now follow my blog on bloglovin’!

There’s a button on the right sidebar, just klick it 🙂

I really like this option, since I’ve noticed that I’m mostly following wordpress blogs because it’s just easier to click follow and have posts appear in news feed than having to check your mails regularly for updates. With bloglovin you can follow all blogs you want (if the owner claimed it there) independant of the platform they’re on. So convinient!

Have a great week!

PS: The skirt for the Sew Weekly Reunion is coming along nicely and I managed to get all my fabrics washed over the weekend. If I don’t get too distracted I might be done by next week. My biggest problem seems to be that I lost some weight since measuring myself for the skirt, so I now have to change the fitting. I’m trying not to be annoyed by this 😉 After all, it’s a good thing, isn’t it?


What are your thoughts about it?

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