[Books] Cornelia Funke – Inkdeath

Now, wait… does this mean I actually read a book by a German author in English? Well, yes it does. To be frank, it was just cheaper in English. Kind of sad, isn’t it? I mean where the hell goes all the money? Is the English version making profit at all? Anyway, there are fixed book prices in Germany, so maybe that’s got something to do with it. I feel like I’m rambling here but this bothers me a bit. Never mind. I just wanted to make it clear why I mostly read in English. I’m a student, I’m allowed to choose based on the price 😉

Okay, now let’s talk a little bit about “Inkdeath”. It’s the last book of a trilogy, the other ones are “Inkheart” and “Inkspell”. There’s also a movie based on “Inkheart” (which I actually saw!) so if you know the movie and are interested in how the story went on, you should stop reading here. Spoilers will come. But I can tell you upfront that the trilogy is definitely worth reading!

It seems like everything has been getting worse since the ending of “Inkspell”. Ombra is controlled by the Adderheads wasteful brother-in-law called the Milksop, Orpheus reads treasures for himself and creatures to hunt for the Milksop to the Inkworld and the Adderhead is still alive and rules with an iron hand. But the White Book is indeed rotting and with it the Adderhead’s flesh rots on his skin making his live an unending agony. And so his hunt for the Bluejay becomes more intense every day.

Remembering to get off the train while reading this was a real challenge! Cornelia Funke managed to write an enthralling book once again which still has this fantastic aura of nearly forgotten castles, giants, fairies and magic. But don’t think it’s a soft story, there’s also blackmail, hunts, death and terror going on. Overall the book was a true page-turner for me and maintained a healthy balance between tight situations and the more emotional scenes. There were also quite a few unforeseen twists in the story, making it thrilling and keeping me wondering to last chapters what would happen. The only litte annoying thing was the dominance of one character in the second half who always seemed to step in and save the day for some time. But I can live with that.

As you may have noticed I’m trying to get back to blogging a complete review for every book instead of the collective posts. Getting over my occasional blogging-laziness, ha!


What are your thoughts about it?

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