[Books] Jim Butcher – Blood Rites (Harry Dresden Files 6)

I have to admit I nearly stopped reading the Harry Dresden Files because I started to get bored by the books. Lots of action scenes, wild chases and nearly impossible tasks but I missed the detective work from “Storm Front” and good story lines. But there were also these little hints that something bigger is going on and so I decided to give “Blood Rites” a try. And I’m really glad I did!

Thomas Raith of the White Court vampires asks Harry to help a friend of him who thinks someone is trying to murder him or the women around him by curses. Harry agrees and assumes an undercover job in his buisness. Which is the production of pornographic movies 😀 While giving us lots of cause to laugh at this job he also meets two of Thomas’ half sisters and gains a lot of information about House Raith, the leaders of the White Court.
But since trouble never comes alone Harry discovers that Mavra of the Black Court is in town to get her revenge on him. And that she got herself some thralls to help her. Instead of waiting what she does Harry decides to make an offensive move against her with the help of some of his friends.

As mentioned above I’m glad I didn’t stop reading the Dresden Files and made myself start with “Blood Rites”. The beginning acutally is a lot like the last books, but once you made it to the middle, there are lots of unexpected twists and turns. And  – at last! – more information about Harry’s mysterious mother and the rest of his family. Some other loose ends from the last books are picked up and I got the feeling that the Dresden Files are becoming a real series now.

While I already got the next six Dresden books on my Kindle I stopped myself from starting with “Dead Beat” right away. I don’t like reading books from one series one after another since I realized I miss the variety and therefore become annoyed regardless to the quality. And there are just so many other unread books…


What are your thoughts about it?

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