[Books] A. Lee Martinez – The Automatic Detective

Yes, I managed to finish some books this week 😉 Not all of them today, but I didn’t come around to writing the reviews ’till now.

Mack Megaton is living in Empire, a city of the future where seeing mutants walk around is normal and robots can gain the citizenship. And Mack is one these robots. Originally he was designed to be an ultimate killer and fighting machine, but he got something called the Glitch – the ability to “think” outside of the perimeters of his original programming. So instead of destroying everything he makes his living as a taxi driver. At least until his neighbours disappear and he starts searching for them… and he’s got no idea into what he’s got himself into. But his failure would lead to Empire’s end.

I had kind of a hard time getting into the writing style here. The story is told from Mack’s point of view and since he’s a robot I had to get used to the different terms here. For example, instead of remembering something he’s accessing his memory matrix and so on. Since I studied something technical it wasn’t so bad for me, but I guess this could be a problem for other people. On the other hand, I loved how he just didn’t understand sarcasm and hints. Pure logic can be really entertaining.
At first “The Automatic Detective” seems like a real detective story, with Mack following clues to find out where his neighbours are. But at some point there also comes lots of action in it and I was totally blown away by the plot! I just didn’t expect at all what was really going on there! There was no clue at any point where this would lead! And this unpredictability is what ulitmately makes me love this book. I just love being surprised by good plots.

While the book had a slow start, it picked up its pace fast. I loved the plot and how I just couldn’t guess it. I also liked the characters a lot – they’re all unique and displayed very detailed. I can only recommend reading it!


What are your thoughts about it?

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