[Books] Glen Cook – She Is the Darkness

This is the seventh book of the Chronicles of the Black Company – and I feel like it took me ages to read it… the first half of it was really exhausting.

Croaker finally moves against Longshadow, the last shadowmaster. Und is therefore getting closer to the mystical Khatovar, birthplace of the Free Companies. With the help of the comatose wizard Smoke Murgen is able to spy on almost everyone of their enemies… but still nobody is prepared for what lies beyond Overlook. And meanwhile Lady’s mad twin sister Soulcatcher is pursuing her very own schemes.

The books has a very slow start. The first half mainly consists of Murgen’s ghostwalks with Smoke but tells little of what he, Croaker and Lady actually do. While the unfolding plots are interesting I missed the personal touch of it. I didn’t get the feel of being a part of the action but more like being a watcher of the events. Also the main characters planned a lot during this time but acted very little.
Fortunately that changed at some point and the plot really starts. The ghostwalks with Smoke are also reduced, but I felt like Murgen never was so close to center of action as Croaker when he was still annalist. I still couldn’t put the book away at the end and the ending totally stunned me. But I am hoping for the next part to be better than this one. And I have to admit, I’d like to have another annalist…

This was the first time I really had to struggle with a book of the Chronicles of the Black Company. I started it about a month ago but had to put it aside for two or three weeks during that time. However the ending was so unexpected I’m already looking forward to reading the next part. I still got my thumbs up for Glen Cook!


What are your thoughts about it?

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