[Books] David Anthony Durham – The Other Lands

“The Other Lands” is the second part of the Acacia trilogy and curiously I think it’s better than the first. I very often find the middle part of trilogies boring, there’s not this exciting new feeling of a first part or the big question of how the story ends – the books often just drag along and I’m glad when I finished it to get to the last part. Durham managed to get around these problems by making the first book a more or less self-contained story with just a few loose ends that nevertheless set the stage for events happening in part two and three. And if my to-read list wouldn’t be that long, I’d start reading the third book right away 😉

The story is set a few years after the events of the first book and the main characters definitely have evolved since then. Not in unexpected directions but I feel like the grew into the positions they had at the end of the first book. Corinn is a strong queen with a firm hand and always trying to secure the throne for her son, Aaden. Mena is fighting against the foulthings which are strange and mostly hostile creatures turning up all over the known world. Dariel traveled around the world for some time, helping the people rebuild and working with them. Corinn sends him on a diplomatic mission across the sea with the League, to the land of the Lothan Aklun and the Auldek. But as he arrives there, nothing is as expected. And treason is never far away in this world.

It took me some time to start reading this book after the first part. I thought “The War with the Mein” was okay but not terrific. A nice book to kill some time. I still wanted to know what became of the characters. (I don’t remember clearly, but it could also be a translation problem since I read “The War with the Mein” in German. So maybe it was just a bad translation that slightly ruined an otherwise good book.) Anyway, I was surprised that I found “The Other Lands” so much more gripping! It is one of my the last paper books I had to read – I’m reading on my kindle while commuting (Did I use the right word here? I mean the time to get to work and home again) – so “The Other Lands” was my book to read in bed before sleeping when I had the time. Not such a good decision, it kept me awake too long far too often 😉 I actually had to make a rule of not reading more than two chapters per day, lol. And now I’m keeping myself from buying “The Sacred Band”. I first have to reduce my book stash… or maybe I should just read faster to justify buying it. You know, like “I only have 20 unread books instead of 30, I need new ones!” 😀

Did you ever read a series that got better with every book? And how do you keep yourself from buying far more books than you can possibly read?